Revitalising the Alexandra Canal in Singapore

The staff from The Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel help revitalize the Alexandra Canal
Staff from The Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel are quite accustomed to beautifying things so it’s no surprise that they jumped on board to help revitalize the Alexandra Canal. Employees brought their special “Four Seasons touch” to plant cat tails and reeds in wetlands along the river in support of PUB, Singapore’s national water agency. 
But it’s not all about looks. In addition to a more visually pleasing waterway, vegetation and wetlands play an essential role in the purification of water. They provide habitat for fish, insects, birds and other wildlife, and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.
After the project was complete, a 1.2 kilometre stretch of the Canal was Karma is partnering with publishers large and small to bring this network of offers to their websites. transformed from a concrete channel to a rejuvenated waterway. It was carefully designed to include a series of wetlands, a cascading water feature and an observatory deck with vegetation to treat rainwater runoff.
In addition to participating in the planting event, volunteers from Four Seasons also attended PUB’s Volunteers of Water training to learn more about conservation methods to share with colleagues back at the Hotel.
Water conservation has been a key focus for the team. The Hotel installed water efficient devices in guest room tap and showerheads, rain sensors for its irrigations system and uses recycled water in its cooling towers and fountains.
For its efforts, The Regent Singapore was recognized with PUB’s Watermark Award in 2010.