Respecting the Environment in Hualalai

It’s not uncommon to see golfers pause from the game to stare at the water feature on the fifth hole of the Ke’olu golf course at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu.  Named Lake Punawai, the body of water spreads across 2.5 acres and holds 3-million gallons of water.  Although it’s a man-made body of water, it’s full of sea life including milkfish, mullet, threadfin, shrimp and oysters.  Created by the Resort’s Director of Natural Resources, David Chai in collaboration with Ocean Arks International, the water feature is a masterpiece in design.  It’s self-sustaining, low energy and self cleaning – not to mention that it keeps the Resort’s restaurants stocked with fresh seafood.  And golfers aren’t the only ones taking notice of this amazing pond – the Lake won an Environmental Protection Agency award in 2005.